Sun launches UltraSparc T2 servers

Las Vegas (NV) – Sun is rolling out the first three servers based on its 64-thread UltraSparc T2 processor, previously code-named Niagara. Sun UltraSparc Processor he first systems integrating the T2 CPU will be the rackmount servers T5120 and 5220 as well as the T6320 blade module.

All three systems will be available with T2 processors clocked at 1.2 GHz or 1.4 GHz. While the 1.4 GHz model is only available with eight cores, the 1.2 GHz version can also be purchased with six or four cores. ALL CPUs are capable of running eight threads per core and up to 64 different operating systems (8 cores x 8 threads) in virtual containers.

The T5120 is a 1U server that can be equipped with up to four hard drives and up to 64 GB of memory ; the T5220 comes in a 2U form factor and provides space for eight hard drives. The new T5000-series systems are Sun’s first servers that can be “instantly” discovered on a network via Sun’s “Connection” technology.

The single-wide blade T6320 also can integrate up to 64 GB of memory and four hard drives. In either case, Sun said that the T2 systems are about twice as fast as T1-based models.

According to Sun, the 65 nm T2 processor can be configured to run at speeds between 900 MHz and 1.4 GHz for power consumption levels between 60 and 123 watts. The T2’s successor, code-named “Victoria Falls” is expected to be introduced sometime in the second half of next year. Victoria Falls will offer twice as many cores (16) and support twice as many threads (128), resulting in what Sun promises to be almost twice the performance of T2.

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