Blizzard Shift to StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm

In a recent interview with MTV, Rob Pardo, the Executive Vice President of Game Design at Blizzard, revealed the status of the next installment of StarCraft II, "Heart of the Swarm." Unfortunately, he didn't cough up any clues as to when gamers should expect the sequel.

"Now that we've shipped ['Wings of Liberty'], we're just now getting serious about breaking ground on ['Heart of the Swarm']," he said. "We always have a lot of ideas and there's been some design work on it, but hardcore art and programming is just now starting to begin. It's too early to estimate, but as soon as we can get them out there, we'd love to."

He also reassured gamers that it won't be more of the same in "Heart of the Swarm," indicating that the single-player's campaign structure in "Wings of Liberty" would be difficult to recreate using the game's other races.

"Playing Jim Raynor, who's this mercenary, living on this battle cruiser, and has a whole big crew and things like that…that makes a lot of sense for a Terran-based campaign," he said. "It's hard to imagine doing a Zerg-based campaign the same way or, for that matter, doing a Protoss one."

StarCraft II fans should expect an entirely new, sequel-like experience in the single-player campaign, however the multiplayer portion will be more in line with the older StarCraft: Brood War expansion.

"Multiplayer is going to be more like an expansion set sort of vibe," he admitted. "We're not going to ship all brand new races. There will definitely be additions to multiplayer, but that's going to feel like an expansion set."

To read the full interview, head over to MTV here.

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  • guanyu210379
    Get it done ASAP! Let us test it! :D
  • Anonymous
    ASATW you mean, (as soon as they want) the new ETA is arround april 2012, so expect it to mid to late 2012