Blizzard Releases First StarCraft 2 Custom Map

StarCraft 2 has been the biggest PC game of the year so far, and there's still plenty of freshness to be enjoyed in multiplayer. But Blizzard has released a little something new in the form of a 3v3 map called "Burning Tide".

Featuring timed lava surges and collectable mineral caches, Burning Tide is a 3v3 map that combines several thematic elements from the epic single-player campaign mission "The Devil's Playground." Like the campaign mission, the goal of this game is greed, and the first team to reach the specified resource total wins! Players hoping to achieve victory on this map will need to work together, carefully managing their team's unit production and safeguarding their vulnerable workers as they defend against enemy forces.

Check out Burning Tide now in the custom games list in the game client.

Since this map has been out for a few days already, sound off in the comments if you've already had a chance to check it out!

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  • BakerZA
    Starcraft 2 DOTA or better known as Storm of The Imperial Sanctum ftw
  • omegon
    BakerZAStarcraft 2 DOTA or better known as Storm of The Imperial Sanctum ftw

    I rather play League of Legends then Dota on WC3 (or starcraft for that mather).

    Ill check this map out when I have the time.