Limited Edition Star Wars Xbox Gets Priced for UK

Last week, Microsoft announced a limited edition Star Wars Xbox 360. The bundle, revealed at Comic Con in San Diego, was priced at $449.99 and includes a special edition R2D2 Xbox 360 with 320GB HDD; a shiny, gold C3PO controller; and a white Kinect sensor. Customers will also get copies of Kinect Adventures, Kinect Star Wars and some as-yet-unspecified exclusive downloadable content.

Though Microsoft was more than happy to talk U.S. pricing, the company didn't make a peep about UK prices. Redmond wasn't even specific about a release date for the States, mentioning only that it would be available in time for the holiday season. However, MCV today reports that UK gamers can expect to pay £349.99 for the Star Wars Xbox 360 bundle.

We're betting the unique design of this bundle will mean it'll be in fairly short supply. Will you be among those rushing out to get it? Let us know!

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  • Anonymous
    ya know what really bugs me about this .....
    not the fact that it's ANOTHER marketing ploy to get us to shell out for ANOTHER console ( " look at the Shiny, Shiny " ) and besides i like the look of it.
    It's the fact that we got stitched up AGAIN in the UK
    $449 at a current exchange rate of $1.63 to £1 is just over £275 !!
    and we get £349 in the shops !
    Another example of RIP OFF BRITAIN :(
  • wild9
    £349?! The least I'd want for that is a Hyperdrive motivator. If I took this console into Mos Eisley I'd be scared to let it out my sight.

    No, I don't think I'd buy one of these modded systems. It seems like an over-priced gimmick taking into account the vast array of PC case mods and other PC hardware you can get for less than what they're asking.

    I would however consider modding an Xbox case myself, although I'd probably make a right pig's ear of it. Be cool to give it some authentic 'space battle' scars, don't you think? After all.. it's only 'an old R2 unit' ;)
  • Anonymous
    At the end of the day its still just an Xbox360. I am sure there will be some third party manufacturers creating a similar replacement shell that you could by for £30.