Star Citizen Developer Offers Grace Period for Pledges

Chris Roberts's epic space MMO Space Citizen is now the number one most crowdfunded videogame on the Internet, pocketing well over $6 million between the project's Kickstarter and its official website.

If you were one of the unfortunate few who didn't get a chance to fund the project, be it through procrastination or insufficient funds, Roberts is offering an additional "grace period" of funding for anybody registered on the Roberts Space Industries site.

"If you have a membership, regardless of whether you have previously purchased a tier, you will be able to pledge at the current prices through this weekend," states the RSI official site. "We will keep the limited add-on ships available through that time for everyone who tried to purchase one but wasn’t able. Everything will switch to the new pricing structure on Monday November 26th."

That means that those who missed the cut off period for funding will continue to be able to contribute with no penalty. RSI has graciously decided to honor all preorder bonuses for even late orders.

So if you've yet to preorder, it might be high time to do so. It seems like non-members of the RSI site can just sign up and still get a chance to turn in a preorder. With the extended preorder time, there's almost no excuse not to.


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  • robnic
    Star Citizen looks great!!! I pledged!!!

    However, note that there are other awesome crowd-funded projects out there that really need your support!

    Sui Generis is an awesome RPG in early stages of development that has some incredibly innovative tech, notably the physics, and also the graphics. The game promises to be the next big thing in PC RPGs, favouring realism and immersion rather than shallow casual gaming. This project needs to raise £150,000 on Kickstarter in order to go ahead. So far, it's raised £77,000, with just 6 days to go.

    If you have any passion for PCs and/or RPGs, please have a look:

    If you like what you see, please consider pledging on Kickstarter (which basically involves promising to pay for the game now if it's funded, and receiving the game when it's finished in 18 months time):

    Projects such as this desperately need your help. It is a good cause, allowing indie developers to produce fantastic boundary-pushing games. Importantly, by cutting out the middle man (i.e. the producers), the gamers who are willing to pay for the game up front are the boss, rather than some big corporation taking a cut of the money for nothing.