Speedo's latest tech-swimsuit may be considered cheating after all

In February, NASA and Speedo announced the world’s fastest swimsuit.

The body-hugging LZR-Race outfit is ultrasonically welded to have no exposed seams and promises to be slightly faster than the previous fastest suits.

World records were expected to fall and fall they did. With 16 records being broken in the 6 weeks since the release of the suit people are beginning to question the approval of the suit for the Beijing Olympics, this summer.

NASA helped develop the LZR by subjecting more than 400 swimmers to grueling water tunnel aerodynamic tests at the NASA Langley Research Center.

More than 100 fabrics were also tested for drag before Speedo decided on a custom cloth that was both water repellent and fast drying.

Speedo said the LZR promised 5 percent less drag than it’s previous best FASTSKIN PRO suits, which helped break world records over the last year.

The company also claimed swimmers would have 5% better oxygen intake efficiency thanks to stronger core compression section along the abdomen area.

As we said before, the suit was already approved for the Olympics. We’re sure officials were thinking something along the lines of, “Sure, have your little swimsuit, it’s the swimmer inside it that counts, anyway”, however it appears the board is sitting up and taking notice, especially since the British team is sponsored by Speedo and will therefore be allowed to use the suit at this week’s trials for the Olympics, which will take place in Sheffield.

Swimming’s governing body, Fina, are to meet with Speedo executives next month in Manchester to decide whether the LZR is legal.

Stay tuned for updates.