Sony Turns PlayStation 3 Into Replacement Sky Box In Leipzig

And, Err, What About Games...?

Hardware, hardware, but what about games?! The presentation was a bit scanty on the subject of, you know, video games for the video games consoles... Apart from the end of the year’s big titles, with Heavenly Sword and God of War: Chains of the Olympus big on the bill, we were able to see a new trailer of Grand Turismo 5 in the presence of its creator Kazunori Yamauchi.

As promising as ever, GT5 Prologue should be available before the end of the year. Hideo Kojima also honoured the Sony conference with his presence, even though Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, revealed earlier in the day, was not shown at the conference.

A longer presentation was given on Buzz! The PS3 version of the famous quiz game will, we’re told, provide a richer and more customisable experience. All the question types, such as Buzz Sports and Hollywood, previously relegated to add-ons, will be present on the disc. Music, TV, General Knowledge, the player will only have to choose which subject genre they want to be questioned on. You can also create your own quizzes or download new ones. The multiplayer will also have a new approach as all the players will not have to be in the same room to play. The Sofa vs Sofa mode will allow you to play against anyone over the net.

Football was also present, represented by FIFA 08. This will be another game to take advantage of the PlayStation Network with internet play on offer.

The presentation finished on a light-hearted and rather Germanic note. The president of Sony Germany took David Reeves’ place to address the crowd in Göethe’s language. He presented a special version of SingStar dedicated to Die Toten Hoser, a well-known German rock group (in Germany, I suppose…) Having been around for more than twenty years, the group will now have the honour of having a SingStar game in their name. To the joy of the locals, Die Toten Hoser made an appearance on stage and tested the game with journalists who had been won over. Ach!

Overall the conference went well for Sony, who had been rather quiet and downcast till Leipzig. The new functions of the PS3 and PSP increases the interaction between the two consoles, while orienting them more towards multimedia. On top of the game support, Sony machines are becoming machines that can do everything you’d expect of your telly, looking to replace all high tech devices such as DVRs and so on into the one neat PlayStation package.

The manufacturer announced long ago that the consoles would be machines that we take out of the bedroom to reign in the living room with pride. This ambition now makes sense with the new features of the PS3, making this machine much more than a game console. Will this lead to an increase in sales? Well now, if I could tell you that…

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