Sony Signs Chrome Browser Deal With Google

Sony today said that all of its Vaio-brand PCs sold in the U.S. will ship with Google's Chrome as their default Web browser. The deal marks a first for Google, as the search company has never forged such a deal with a computer maker before. First reported in the Financial Times, a Google spokesperson confirmed the reports and called the deal "experimental," continuing on to say that the search giant is in talks with other manufacturers regarding similar deals.

How many of you use Google Chrome? More importantly, would you choose Chrome as your default browser if it were already installed on your computer when you bought it. Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Herr_Koos
    No thanks. I'll stick with FireFox.
  • gamerjames
    I'd try it out, see if it was inconvenient or not. If it wasn't inconvenient and fairly easy to use, I'd keep it. If it was different from what I typically l look for in a browser, I'd keep it installed but put FireFox or IE as my default internet browser, since I am familiar with both
  • Anonymous
    I use it. Tried going back to IE and Firefox, but they just aren't as slick.