40% of European Smartphone Buyers Want an iPhone

Though the number of Android handsets available on the market means there's no shortage of choice when it comes to smartphone shopping, it seems a huge number of European consumers want only one phone: Apple's iPhone. According to Yankee Group's European Mobile Users study, 40 percent of smartphone shoppers in Europe plan to go with the iPhone.

Yankee Group polled the opinions of 5,000 consumers and 2,250 employees and IT decision-makers across five European countries: France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the U.K. The study found that 40 percent of consumers who intend to buy a smartphone as their next mobile device will choose an iPhone. Android-based devices come in second with 19 percent, followed by BlackBerry with 17 percent. Nokia came in last, just behind RIM, with 15 percent.

"These findings highlight the continued strength of Apple in the European smartphone market and, in particular, its phenomenal brand appeal," said Declan Lonergan, research VP at Yankee Group. "The data also highlights the enormous challenges faced by Nokia and RIM to retain mind share and market share in this increasingly dynamic and competitive marketplace."

The full results of Yankee Group's poll will be released next month.

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  • Anonymous
    I suspect a lot of this is down to the 'look what i can afford' aspect of it.
  • Anonymous
    my next phone will be the samsung galaxy s2, iphone, pffff
  • Gatsouk
    EPIC FAIL!!! OK, so someone has done a poll of 7.250 people. When you consider that the total population of Europe is around the 850 MILLION, it's kind of hard to say that 40% of the population will be looking at buying a iphone. Do some proper research before you make stupid comments!!!