Sky Player, Sky TV Mobile Rebranded as Sky Go

Sky has revealed that it will rebrand Sky Player and Sky Mobile in a move that will see the two products merge to form Sky Go. Sky Go will be free for existing customers (or between £15 and £40 for those without a Sky subscription) and is set to launch next month, on July 6.

So, come July, what exactly will you be able to do with Sky Go? Well, for one, you’ll be able to watch TV on your phone, computer or tablet for free. However, how much access you have will depend on the device you’re using. Customers watching on mobile and tablet devices will be able to watch all five Sky Sports channels, ESPN and Sky News, with further channels to be added over time. Customers accessing Sky Go via their computer will have access to more than 30 live channels, including all five Sky Sports channels, Sky Movies, Sky News, Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, Sky Arts, MTV, Disney, G.O.LD, Nickelodeon, NatGeo, History, Eden and ESPN, plus on-demand content. The company is also promising support for The Cloud, its public WiFi network with 4,500 locations, at some point in the future.

"The explosion of smartphones and tablets demonstrates the increasing consumer demand for accessing entertainment and communicating on the move," said Stephen van Rooyen, Deputy Managing Director of Sky's Customer Group. "We have already responded to this by offering a range of services, including live TV, across many new innovative platforms and devices, like laptops and iPhones.

"Clearly the consumer appetite is there, and it's growing. In responding to that, and to create even more value, choice and flexibility for our customers, we are now going to offer online and mobile access to Sky content at no extra charge. The future support of a nationwide Wi-Fi network will help us supercharge that experience further still."

A timeframe for the WiFi network support has not been announced.

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  • Anonymous
    How will this effect the Xbox 360's Sky Player and the upcoming (in the same way as the Sun running out of fuel is upcoming) Sky Player on the Humax HD-Fox T2?
  • erinc
    You'll probably get a sky-go app instead. It will do all the SkyPlayer does/did and possibly more. The key word in the article was "merge" which means consolidation. Sounds good to me