SilverStone Releases Slim Slot-Loading Blu-ray Burner For Mini-ITX Enclosures

Silverstone has released a slot-loading Blu-ray drive that is meant to compliment its Mini-ITX enclosures (Milo ML02B, Sugo SG05, SG06, SG07, SG08, SG09, Fortress FT03, and the FT03-Mini). In essence, there is nothing vastly different about the drive, except that so far we've come across few, if any, slot-loading Blu-Ray burners in a slim form factor.

The SOB02 has maximum write speeds of up to 24x on CD-Rs, 8x on DVD+RWs, and 6x on Single or Dual Layer BD-R discs. Read speeds are at 24x, 8x, and 6x for CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs, respectively. The device also has a SATA interface at 150 Mb/s.

Included with the SOB02 is a 90 degree angled slim-SATA connector, which has a slim SATA plug on one end and a standard size SATA and SATA-power plug on the other end.

The SOB02 is already available in shops for prices of just over $160.

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