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Pay-TV Decryption with a Conditional Access Module (CAM) – Alphacrypt

Silent HTPC Blu-ray HD-DVD DVB-S2Silent HTPC Blu-ray HD-DVD DVB-S2

The final component you need to legally decrypt Pay-TV stations is a so-called Conditional Access Module, or CAM. Which one you should buy really depends on the encryption system used by your Pay-TV provider of choice. The Alphacrypt Classic CAM is truly talented all-round when it comes to decryption, as it can handle the Irdeto, Viaccess, Conax, Betacrypt, Nagravision, and Cryptoworks encryption standards. For European Pay-TV stations, we recommend checking with the stations themselves or a specialized dealer to find out which CAM would be the best fit for your smartcard.

It would be illegal to receive and decrypt Pay-TV stations without a smartcard using plugins such as vPlug (Wordpress), even if you own a subscription. While this approach seems very tempting, since it would obviate the need for a CI module and a CAM, it is nonetheless illegal in most European countries. The vPlug plugin itself is “clean” but can be “armed” using decryption keys that are separately available. vPlug can also be used together with many alternative DVB viewing applications and is even HDTV compatible. Nonetheless, Tom’s Hardware strictly discourages such illegal hacker’s methods.