Former Employee Kills Three at Start-up

A man who was laid off from a Santa Clara start-up Friday opened-fire inside the offices of his former employer, SiPort, a digital radio semiconductor developer located on Scott Boulevard.

Jing Hua Wu, a former employee at SiPort Inc, was laid off on Friday morning. Wu, a product engineer and father to twin 6 year old boys and a 3 year old son, allegedly reentered the building at around 4 p.m. local time and requested a meeting to discuss his future following his departure from the company.

“He requested a meeting with several company officials,” said Santa Clara police chief Stephen Lodge. "He must not have been acting too strangely for them to accept the meeting," Lodge said. “It was during this meeting that Jing Wu took out a 9mm handgun and shot and killed all three officials.”

Sid Agrawal, SiPort’s Chief Executive Office, Brian Pugh, vice president of operations a the company and Marilyn Lewis, head of human resources at SiPort were all pronounced dead at the scene.

Following the shootings, Mr. Wu fled the scene and drove off in a silver SUV. He remained at large on Friday night and was arrested on Saturday at a Mountain View Intersection. According to the Associated Press, detectives received a tip about Wu’s whereabouts on Saturday and were waiting for him as he exited his SUV near a shop.

Authorities say there was no gun found in Wu’s vehicle at the time of the arrest (10:45 a.m.) and he was not armed.

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  • Anonymous
    Personally, i think that we will see more and more of these news as more and more boses treat employes as numbers and not as human beings !
    We live in a society way more barbaric that the Romans or Grecs lived in theyr times !
    Here in Canada there is 1 or 2 in 5 ppl that suffers from work related stress !
    This is not mormal ! Companies creates fake insecurity feeling in its employes to control them and make them think they are not indispensable and making them acceps low salaries and bad work condition in fear that thew would loose thyr job in the case they exprime theyr anger !
    I call that indirect slavery ! They dont force you to accept anything with a whip but they know you need to pay your bills !
    A common thing boses do here in Canada is that they simply do not employ nurses full time but only by call (par apel in french) while the media fills the newspapers with how big the demand and the lack of personell is critical !
    That way the poor working people do not have ANY health insurances or work insurance but they still need to work 40+ hours a week in the fear that they can be fired any day witchout any reason and as a bonus they can be called in the middle of the night and if they refuse too many times they get fired!
    Mark my words , the more they are tightening the screws on us the more the possibility of another french revolution is a fact !
    The more they are trying to wash our brains the more our feeling will come out! Genes have theyr own language but the man is too stupid to understand that and history repeats !
    Personaly i think these are signs that someting is bound to happed in the near future !
    Just look at the last decade ad see how more and more of these incidents are happening including school shotings and more! There is something happening with the people and it does not sound too good !
    It looks to me that the vase is getting filled and some people just could not bear any more of this "polite" injustice !
    When the normal polulation get angry, heads fell at an alarming rate !

    That was just my opinion and by the way sorry for my horible english !