More than meets the Eye - Barebone PC for Quad-Core and Crossfire

Large Cards Welcome

Shuttle XPC SX38P2Pro

The XPC SX38P2 Pro is large enough to house even large cards! It can handle either two CrossFire capable ATI cards or one single dual-slot graphics card, such as a GeForce 8800 GTX, for example.

Shuttle XPC SX38P2Pro


CPU Intel Pentium E2160 1800 MHz Conroe, 65 nm
Graphics ATI Radeon HD 3850 512 MByte PCI-Express
Graphics ATI Radeon 512 MByte PCI-Express
Graphics Geforce 8500GT 256 MByte PCI-Express
Graphics Geforce 8800GTX 512 MByte PCI-Express
HDD Western Digital WD500AKS 500 GByte Serial ATA
HDD Western Digital WD1600JS 160 GByte Serial ATA
HDD Samsung HD200HJ 200 GByte Serial ATA
RAM Kingston PC2-5200 2 x 512 MByte DDR-II 333 MHz


Everest Ultimate Edition Version 4.20.1170 Download-Link
Dr. Hardware Version 2008 Download-Link
Prime95 Version v25.5 Download-Link
RightMark CPU Clock Utility Version 2.30 Download-Link
CPU-Z Version 1.43 Download-Link

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  • ye_sus
    integrated fingerprint scanner huh?
    what if u cut yourself and won't be able to use your comp? :D

    neat stuff,but only for people with too much money to spend
  • r202156
    It's a great product in many ways I'd say comfining the potential of most decent gaming PCs to that size is an accomplishment.

    However I'm a strong proponent of quiet computing, and I normally believe tomshardware under estimates how loud some products they review are, if they say this is loud, then I'd probably want it set up in a different room to me while I'm using it. Personally if I was to get one, I'd try quietening it in any way possible, only use a dual core cpu, put a passively cooled 8800GT (if I could fit one). Or perhaps external watercooling would be ideal though it might contradict the point of space saving and would be inpractical for lan parties.