Second Rotation takes the hassle out of online auctions

Waltham (MA) – Turn your old electronic junk into cash with the services of Second Rotation, a recently formed company that acts as a middle-man between you and eBay. Second Rotation dynamically calculates the value of your item with yes/no questions like “Powers On Successfully ?” and “Rechargeable Battery included ?” The company then pays for shipping through DHL.

Rousseau Aurelien, founder and CEO of Second Rotation, said that the service puts regular consumers on equal footing with professionals who often ship out items in volume. Second Rotation takes the guesswork out of online auctions by calculating the value, sending out DHL for pickup and then paying the seller by check or PayPal.


“We ensure that old items are not tossed into the trash, but recycled back into the gadget user community,” said Aurelien.

Currently the company specializes in selling small electronics like camcorders, digital cameras, cell phones and mp3 players, but that mix could expand as the service gains a following.

There are no stated fees on Second Rotation’s webpage so presumably the company makes their profit from the difference between the trade-in amount paid to the seller and the amount garnered from the eBay sale.

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