Scythe Launches Interesting USB 3.0 Based Card Reader

While many people are switching over to the cloud for data storage and transfer, Scythe has decided to give those among us who still use memory cards and USB sticks some love. While we question the need for yet another 3.5" card reader, this is one that we can certainly welcome.

Scythe's Kama Reader 3, the SCKMRD3, is bringing some USB 3.0 goodness to built-in card readers. Previously, these card readers were limited to USB 2.0 speeds, but this reader would, of course, be a lot faster. While most cheap memory cards might have trouble saturating USB 2.0 bandwidth, there are a lot of photographers with much pricier, faster and bigger compact flash and SDXD cards that can go well over USB 2.0 speeds.

Scythe has even given us some benchmarks, showing more than double the read speeds on a 64 GB Transcend SDXC card.

So far there has been no word on US availability; however, the product has already hit shelves in Europe for a price of about €20, translating to roughly $27.

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  • brookheather
    This sort of USB3 SDXC memory card reader has been around for a while - I've been using an Icy Box IB-865 which works just the same and is available for around £16.
  • Anonymous
    I also put one from Icybox in back in June last year, that's almost a year ago. New? hardly.