Schools and colleges crack down on plagiarism

The jig is up.

The days where it used to be really sly to do “research” for homework on the internet went out the window with dial-up.

Yes, kids, there was a time when you could use the internet to give your essays a little “shove in the right direction” and not be caught out, but now that every Tom, Dick and Head teacher is in on the whole Web 2.0 affair, this is becoming quite the problem.

Universities already use special software to detect plagiarism in students’ essays and projects but the "they-grow-up-oh-so-fast world we live in means that 100 schools have signed up for the software as well.

Universities commonly use Turnitin, the world’s leading plagiarism-detection software. However, reports show that 40 schools and 70 colleges have signed up for the software.

Apparently kids actually are as web-savvy as their grandparent’s think. Although, technology can be dangerous in the wrong hands. We’ve all heard the urban legends of students forgetting to take the ads and banners out of their essays. However, according to the Guardian, one teacher reported to the Association of Teachers and Lecturers that a students had actually done that. Silly sausage.

Kids these days . . .

Second day in a row we’ve said that.

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  • spuddyt
    whats funniest is when people use wikipedia, and forget the "edit"s (actually, I used wikipedia for my geography coursework - i just went through it and put it in my own words and im still fine)