Samsung GS4 Promotion Goes Weirdly Korean Bollywood

Samsung have decided to abandon their normal advertising strategy in favour of a new “hip” approach to their customers. So what do you get if you add Korean pop culture, along with Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh and the Samsung S4? Sadly enough, this: 


We are not quite sure how this video classifies as uncensored, as someone has clearly missed out a lot of bad rhyming and forgot to add some actual music. Strangely enough, the crowd in the video were not too excited about the stunt either, but we cannot imagine why. The use of the most viewed video on YouTube, Gangam Style by Psy, coupled with the odd dance routine has even disgusted the main dancer himself, evidence being his increasingly sour face as the video progresses.

After seeing this video, what are your opinions of it? Do you think that this new advertising strategy from Samsung has merit, as it clearly received the publicity it wanted to, or do you think this stunt has cost them customers and the ability to be taken seriously?

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