Galaxy S III Tipped to Be Official Phone of London 2012

We already know that Samsung has a Galaxy event planned for May 3 and it's widely assumed that it's a Galaxy S III launch. Now, with said event just a couple of weeks away, it looks like the Galaxy S III rumour machine is kicking things up a notch. According to the latest reports, the Samsung Galaxy S III will be the official handset of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Earlier today, Boy Genius Report published some new information on the Galaxy S III, including the fact that the device would come in more than one capacity and two different colors. However, the site's sources also revealed that the phone would be the official handset of the London 2012 Olympics. It's thought that this little fact is one of the reasons that the phone is going to be unveiled and launched in London, though word has it there will be additional events in New York City, Seoul and Dubai.

Samsung has been keeping pretty quiet about the Galaxy S III, which has been tipped for launch since February of this year. The device will apparently be based on the company's quad-core Exynos processor and boast a large 1080p HD display. Samsung's Galaxy event is scheduled for May 3. Prior to MWC, the company said that it wanted to hold off on announcing the S III so that there wouldn't be a long gap between the unveiling and the release. So, while we don't know exactly when the S III will hit shelves, we can't imagine Samsung will wait too long after the announcement. Stay tuned, folks.

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  • frankbough
    Thank goodness the Olympics are shown in the UK on the BBC and not a commercial channel, otherwise we'd get non-stop sponsor adverts every time someone wasn't running, jumping or throwing.