This SSD Will Self-Destruct When Needed

On Wednesday RunCore announced the worldwide release of its InVincible SATA SSD, a drive so secure that it will physically self-destruct with the mere press of a button. Damage is caused by applying an over-current to the NAND flash memory, thereby physically destroying the chips (as seen in the photo).

RunCore's new line of destructive discs was developed for embedded computer systems that demand high-speed serial switched fabric interconnects for rugged design implementation and more flexible power ranges. The InVincible's self-destruction mode is just one of two ways users can eliminate sensitive data.

According to the company, the second method allows the user to overwrite the entire disk with meaningless code. This overwrite-deletion method ensures that there is no way to potentially recover previous data stored to the device, effectively setting the SSD back to factory default.

"With these devices, your private data protection is entering an entirely new stage of security," the company said. "This is especially important in an ever more mobile environment were sensitive data and information are frequently being carried along, making it a potential risk to being used by unauthorized 3rd parties. With the RunCore InVincible you now have a highly advanced data protection solution for most demanding professional usage which is also suited for the private sector where data security is becoming an ever more important concern."

The SSD's technical specs include an extreme temperature tolerance of -45 to 95 degrees Celsius (or -49 to 203 degrees Fahrenheit), read speeds up to 240 Mbps, write speeds up to 140 Mbps, SATA II compatibility, and both SLC and MLC-based solutions. The video below explains it all with a nice smoking demonstration, and even uses the term "data destruction." But what you won't get out of the clip is an actual availability date and pricing.

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  • hairystuff
    The soft initialise (Green button) is a good idea, not to convinced of the hardware destruct option (Red button).
  • jrtolson
    arrrggg i pressed the red button by accident, how do i recover my data??

    talk about overkill, the green button is a good idea like above i think the red button is totally no necessary, i mean i cannot think of any situation the red button would be viable for infact i think it would be more of a liability than anything else?

    all i can think of is the sicko market where they press the red button to wipe all illegal pornography when paedo police come knocking. but anything else no..

    can u imaging getting a letter from your bank saying unfortunate someone accidentally pressed the red button so all your account information and your money is now gone, bad luck sorry lmao

    if it was april 01 i would have thought this would be a JOKE lol, i think Runcore watch way to many Mission Impossible movies
  • mykebrian
    it's like the red button was put there by dr.doffensmert(or something) from phineas and ferb. haha