Super Talent Also Releasing Dual Interface SSD

Last week we reported that ADATA Technology's S596 Turbo SSD would offer two interfaces when it hits the market--SATA II and mini-USB. This design allows the consumer to use the SSD as an external storage device or as an internal HDD replacement. It's also a good way to shift a system from HDD to SSD, allowing the user to move the disk image from the HDD to the SSD via a USB port, and then remove the HDD and boot up the rig via SSD, system intact.

Now Super Talent follows up with its own dual-interface 2.5-inch SSD with the announcement of a new line in its UltraDrive series, the UltraDrive MX. As with ADATA's solution, the UltraDrive MX provides both an SATA II and mini-USB connection. It also uses the JMicron JMF616 controller, delivering read speeds up to 250MB/s and write speeds up to 180MB/s. Additional highlights include support for the latest GC and Trim features.

“Most customers know that Solid State Disks offer superior Performance, Reliability and Power Savings, yet they have been unable to makes the switch," said Super Talent COO, C.H. Lee. "The dual-interface on the UltraDrive MX enables a convenient bridge solution during this critical transition period."

The company said that the UltraDrive MX will come in four flavors: 60GB, 120GB, 240GB and 480GB. The SSDs are expected to ship on September 1, however pricing was not provided.

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  • mi1ez
    Again disappointed at usb2.
    Again disappointed at tom's having done sweet FA about the rampant spam issues.
  • jamie_macdonald
    Yeah data transfer on USB is archaic, we keep seeing capacity increase but really what most of us want is a way to actually utilise that capacity in a timely manner, i have not got the time to take hours and hours copying stuff to a slow external drive port, so the USB port is useless to me, Bring on the Lightpeak i say (or USB 3 if it ever arrives?)

    Also agree on the aboe with the reletnless spam monkeys, do tom not have active mods? (i'd be happy to help if needed).
  • shanky887614
    why would you backup your computer to this ssd then add it to pc?

    there are many programs like nortons ghost that you can use to make a bootcd with 1 click

    then you can load it up then through that clone it directly from the hdd to ssd simply and quickly with the ssd inside then just remove the hdd and you are set