Royal Wedding to Break Online Audience Records

Online streaming records are expected to be smashed as Royal Wedding watchers from around the world tuned in to catch a glimpse of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on Friday last. Though official figures have not yet been released, the Telegraph reports that Google was expecting 400 million viewers to tune into its live stream, which should be more than enough to outshine the previous record of 70 million reached during Obama’s inauguration.

Other websites also saw high levels of traffic on Kate’s big day, with the BBC site slowing down considerably during the festivities. Akami confirmed that its own record (1.6 million concurrent live streams during the World Cup) was broken, while Livestream said its AP and CBC stream was the most popular ever. Twitter and Facebook’s top trending topics were all Royal Wedding related; Twitter users mentioned the wedding 67 times a second, while Facebookers made mention of the wedding 74 times a second (we’re sure Pippa Middleton and the various groups she’s inspired helped things along in that respect).

The news is particularly impressive when you consider time differences and the fact that many viewers would have had to stay up extremely late, or set their alarms for the wee hours.

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  • tranzz
    I was trying to watch the snnoker online at the time and the BBC webpage just came up with an error. The content isn't working at the mo'
  • Anonymous
    May I humbly point out that Prince William chose not to wear a wedding band which makes the picture above unequivocally not representative of this particular wedding...