VOTW: Robot Makes Tiny Paper Aeroplane

If you’re in the medical profession, you might recognize the machine in this week’s Video of the Week. The da Vinci surgical robot provides surgeons with the kind of precision that cannot be matched by the gloved, golden-hands of even the most talented surgeon. He also makes paper aeroplanes.

Of course, one could argue that the impressive part of all of this is the skill exhibited by Dr. James Porter, the man at the da Vinci’s controls, and one might be right. Okay, smarty-pants: who’s fault is it that this robot throws like a girl?

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  • Zingam
    robot my ass
  • hairystuff
    Those robot hands are cold instruments of nipple tweaking.
  • blubbey
    :o That's pretty awesome. Made me laugh when he was trying to throw it, no idea why though.