Resident Evil on Blu-ray to include Resident Evil game demo

Hollywood (CA) - In addition to being one of the first discs to use the new BD Profile 1.1 standard, Resident Evil : Extinction on Blu-ray will include PS3 game demos.

The movie is slated for a Blu-ray Disc release in the US on January 2, 2008. As such, it will be Sony’s first title to be compatible with the new standard for BD films. This means it will include things like picture-in-picture commentary, memory of previously watched scenes, and new menu configurations.

Additionally, according to the semi-official Playstation 3 blog Three Speech, it will contain a demo of the PS3 game Resident Evil 5. Additionally, a demo of Devil May Cry 4 will also come packed with the movie.

Users will be able to access the demos from the "Game" section of the PS3’s main menu. It will be the first Blu-ray Disc with accessibility from two different headings of the console’s "Cross Media Bar."

This shows Sony’s acute awareness of the fact that more than 90% of the Blu-ray players that have been sold are PS3 units. With regard to standalone players, HD DVD has actually been handily beating Blu-ray.

A couple UMD movies for Sony’s PSP tried a similar feature, but with little success. However, these titles were marked up substantially over other UMDs. Resident Evil : Extinction for Blu-ray is listed at online retailers for between $25 and $35, on par with other Blu-ray movies.

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