Readius device combines e-book reader with mobile phone

Eindhoven (The Netherlands) - Polymer Vision, a Dutch company specializing in organic display technology, announced this week that it is ready to commercialize a new display that doubles as an electronic book reader and mobile phone.

The Readius screen is similar to the Amazon Kindle or the Sony Reader in that it is actually tailored for reading, eliminating the eye strain of typical liquid crystal displays and making it easier to see outdoors and in other highly lit conditions.

The cornerstone of the device, though, is that the display actually rolls out of the compact device casing. It is believed to be the first use of such technology in a widely accessible consumer device like a mobile phone.

Polymer Vision Readius

Polymer Vision, which spun off of Philips a couple years ago, says this is possible because of its advancements in creating organic semiconductors. The display is nearly as thin as a piece of paper and is almost as flexible.

The actual size of the device is on par with most cell phones, but the rollable screen is actually bigger than the form factor itself, allowing for a wider display but without taking up a lot of space when not in use.

Prototypes of the Readius first became available in mid-2005, and it was supposed to be in the market in 2006. However, it has been pushed back a few times, including time to create partnerships with mobile service carriers. Polymer Vision is now ready to launch it in the second half of 2008.

A detailed video of the Readius can be found here.

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