Radiopaq launches comprehensive list of 5,000 radio stations

Before the days of iPods ; before you could cart your entire music collection around in your back pocket ; people listened to the radio, and apparently, some people still do.

The only person I’ve seen listening to the radio recently is. . .ok, so I actually can’t remember the last time I’ve seen someone listening to the radio but we’re sure there are some people that do.

Today saw the launch of Radiopaq. Radiopaq is a web portal that lists over 5,000 radio stations from around the globe.

While we’re not sure how successful this will be overall we’re fairly sure it’ll garner some fans with students studying in foreign countries.

It does however also have a fairly extensive list of podcasts available including the likes of SkyNews, the Guardian, Jonathon Ross and the BBC, which is quite handy if you’re not really up to hunting around for all your favourite podcasts.

Radiopaq is currently in its beta form and registration on the site, although not necessary, is free.

Check out Radiopaq by clicking here.

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