Radiohead Break the Mould With New Album

British rockers Radiohead are thinking outside the box with their new album, “in rainbows”, which is due for release on 10 October.

For the first time ever, the price of the new album, the band’s first studio album in four years, will be left up to the fans. Each fan can decide for him or herself what they deem a fair price for the band’s new material.

In an attempt to revive struggling album sales in comparison to downloads, Radiohead has made “in rainbows” only available to buy as a download or Discbox on their website, with no clues on the site regarding a date for store-release.

The Discbox contains “in rainbows” both on CD and Vinyl, original artwork and lyric booklets and second CD with more new songs along with digital artwork and photographs.

You can pre-order either the downloadable version or the Discbox on the album website.

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