Cheapskate Radiohead Fans Opt to Pay Nothing for New Album

Over a third of Radiohead fans have opted to pay nothing for the the band’s new album, In Rainbows.

The album officially went on sale yesterday after just over a week of preordering online. The cheapskate fans who opted to download the album for free have brought the average amount paid down to just £4, even though some fans claim to have paid over £40 for the download.

A survey of 3,000 fans, conducted by Record of the Day, a music industry newsletter, showed that of the fans who purchased the record, only 67 of them thought the record was worth more than £10. 12 people forked out £40 for the album alone, opting not to buy the special edition discbox for the same price. Of those surveyed 351 people paid the price for the discbox with other fans who paid as little as £2.50 for the download saying they were considering buying the discbox as well.

Paul Scaife, publisher of Record of the Day, said that he expected a lot of the more dedicated fans were waiting to buy a hardcopy of In Rainbows as soon as it became available in shops.

The move received mixed responses from other artists. James Blunt has gone on record as saying that he believes music has a value and he thinks it is wrong that Radiohead are devaluing the music they produce, while other artists such as Oasis, Jamiroquai and David Bowie saying they are keeping a close eye on the band’s project.

Oasis have already decided released their newest single on download only, costing just 99p with Jamiroquai reportedly taking an interest in online distribution as most of his profits come from live performances and merchandise.

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  • mi1ez
    I paid £5 for this album. I figured since there wasn't a record label slicing anything off, and no production costs, I wasn't going to pay what I would for a CD.

    Also, Jamiroquai are a band, not just the lead singer/songwriter Jay Kay.