Diamond Launching 360-degree Pivoting Stand for Tablets

On Thursday Diamond Multimedia introduced the Diamond TAB360, a universal multimedia stand for iPad, iPad mini, Android and Windows 8 tablets. Resembling a racing wheel for PC gaming, the stand handles tablets ranging from 7-inches to 10.1-inches, and provides a versatile, 360-degree rotational movement, ideal for daily home activities, work, and tablet gaming.

The TAB360 features a Gyro 360-wheel design, comprising of a wheel and a three-dimensional ball joint driving rod and base. Not only does it serve as a functional tablet holder, but gamers can use it with their favorite racing app, making it easier to turn corners and scoot around competitors by offering a steering wheel-like form factor.

"TAB360 allows for the adjusting of its double-sided clamps with the push of a button behind the wheel stand," the company said. "To engage the 360-degree rotating platform, the user can place their hands on the 'wheel' while turning the stand in the direction they would like the tablet to tilt."

Users can adjust the thickness of the clamp using a simple knob so that the stand can accommodate the actual thickness of the tablet. Double-sided clamps also makes it easy to mount and remove tablets, and secures the tablet in the stand, preventing the gadget from slipping out and hitting the floor.

"With the exponential growth and expansion of the tablet market, we saw the need for a versatile tablet holder that combines everyday solutions with advanced gaming functionality for tablet fans as well as racing app fans," said Bruce Zaman, CEO of Diamond Multimedia. "We believe the TAB360 is the perfect all-in-one solution with its high quality protective design, and multimedia options for everyday use in the office, gaming and hands-free display purposes."

The Bluetooth version features built-in Bluetooth speakers so that the stand can connect wirelessly to the tablet's audio output. The LED indicator located at the base of the stand displays a blue colored flash while the Bluetooth is in process of connecting, a green flash when the holder is running low, and a volume increase and decrease button.

Slated for a Thanksgiving release, the TAB360 will be available in three flavors: sleek black (TAB360B) and white (TAB360W) models for $59.99 each, and a black version with Bluetooth operated speakers (TAB360BT) for $79.99. These stands will be available at Amazon.com, Fry’s Electronics, Microcenter, NCIX.com, Newegg.com, and Tigerdirect.com.


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    FIRST! (never wanted to say that, but for some reason, I felt compelled to do it!)

    I like this...a lot. Looks like a good supplemental stand for Surface.
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    Saying "first!" or "can it run Crysis?" is too old. Please do not use.

    well can it?
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    Saying "first!" or "can it run Crysis?" is too old. Please do not use.