Sharkoon Quickport – SATA Hard Disk Jockey

Sharkoon’s Quickport is an elegant docking station for Serial-ATA drives, letting you attach them without having to open your PC. The Quickport is equipped with a USB interface, making it universally usable. But is that all?

Sharkoon Quickport SATA

You can never have enough hard disk space. After all, disks just fill up far too quickly these days, inevitably forcing you to buy a new drive. The side effect of this strategy is that you’ll sound find yourself the master of a good sized collection of magnetic storage media – especially if you’re a photographer, work with lots of video or simply enjoy recording TV shows to your computer.

The trouble is that PCs are equipped with only a limited number of connection options. Once all of the internal interfaces are in use, you have to use one of the external ones. Until now, this required a USB or Firewire adapter or even an external HDD enclosure. All of these solutions are comparatively cumbersome to use.

Installing the HDDs in your computer’s case when switching between different disks means you’ll always need to use a screwdriver. The steps of this procedure: open the case, find the connectors, arrange the cables, attach them, install the medium, close the case. If you have to do this frequently, you’ll soon begin to favour the “convertible” version – you’ll either use your case “with the top down” (i.e. open), or rout the cables outside so you can attach the drives more quickly.

The Serial ATA specification allows for a hard drive to be connected to a running PC thanks to a feature called Hot Plug ’n’ Play. In practice, more often than not the end result is that your PC will crash, losing your data as it reboots itself. Obviously, this is not a viable solution.

This is where Sharkoon comes in with its Quickport. This docking station is designed to rest stably and firmly on your desk. All you have to do is insert the drive into the slot on the top of the device, saving you all of the hassle with running cables. Only the Quickport itself needs to be connected to the PC via USB cable. Just seconds after the docking station is switched on, the freshly created USB drive will show up in your system – no drivers needed.

Sharkoon Quickport SATA

Sharkoon Quickport SATA

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  • joedastudd
    Shame about it not not having both eSATA and USB.
    I can under stand them going with USB as very motherboard/laptop have then, but if they had the eSATA as well then, they would have been onto a winner.
    Personally the design reminds me of the old NES and Sega Master System game slots.
  • mi1ez
    Old school! Might have a SNES weekend now you mention it...
  • BigBruce
    You can see the option of an eSATA connector on the picture of the PCB , just down from the USB connector.

    They might release that version later , or you could just modify the case and add your own.
  • freols
    Never going to happen, but I immediately imagined software publishers putting their games on HDD you then slot into your dock. Sod blu-ray :D
  • daglesj
    Hmmm now all we need if for HDs to come in a protective plastic case for handling and it will look like we are back with 8-track cartridges.
    I like the look of this device and will keep an eye out for an 'improved' version in the next few months.