Qimonda announces development of 800 MHz FB-DIMMs

Reno (NV) – Qimonda said it is developing with Supermicro FB-DIMM memory modules with decreased supply voltage to address one of the key concerns of this memory technology – power consumption.

The new 800 MHz FB DIMMs operate with a supply voltage of 1.5 volts, instead of the regular 1.8 volts. According to Qimonda the 16.6% reduction in voltage results in up to 20% reduction in direct system-level power consumption in a fully loaded system. Additional power and cost savings can be achieved as the memory modules show lower heat dissipation.

Qimonda claims that the power savings do not cause performance loss.

The company said that it has supplied the low-voltage FB-DIMMs to Supermicro in a 2 GB configuration for a demonstration at the ongoing supercomputing conference SC07. The companies did not say when these devices will be available for purchase.