World's Largest QR Code Doubles Up As Giant Maze

Thanks to emerging smartphone technology and the popularization of barcode scanner apps, QR codes can be found just about anywhere these days. While most codes make their way onto posters, packages or billboards, one family decided they could do a little better. And thus, the world's largest QR code was born, a massive 309,570 square foot piece of corn-field art.

Located at the Kraay Family Farm in Alberta, Canada, the corn field made its way into this year's Guinness Book of World Records. The most impressive part about the code is that it actually works, and directs you to the Kraay farm's website. Of course, in order to scan the code in person, you'll have to take a ride in a helicopter.

The Kraay family has been making cornfield mazes at the farm for years now as one of many attractions offered up to the public, so naturally the QR code also doubles up as the company's latest gigantic maze. Your move, aliens!


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