QOTW: Has Windows 7 Affected Your Battery Life?

Windows 7 users have been complaining about battery problems on Microsoft's official forums since June of last year, months before Redmond pushed out the full, public release Windows 7. Some complain that their battery life has dropped significantly, while others say the OS is suggesting they go as far as to replace their battery with a brand new one.

One user named tigger1962 says,

"Until yesterday it used [to] state that I had 7 hours battery life after a full charge; today after a full charge, it states that I have 4 hours left. I've only had it on now 15 minutes and my charge has now gone down to 2 hours 24 minutes."

Reverting to Windows XP or Vista doesn't work and neither does charging the laptop while it is off or booting to another OS to charge.

Has installing Windows 7 had a negative effect on your battery? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Sewje
    My laptop batery is about 3 years old now it used to do 4+ hours now it only does 1+h, this is normal isn't it? with general web surfing. I did install RC W7 a few times but have since removed it.
    I seriously doubt 7 hours is the accurate estimate as sometimes I saw I had 9h estimates sometimes on mine.
    I think people just expect batteries to last forever. As to the new ones reporting this error, I will put my guess in user error, they are probably doing intensive stuff which they think don't use that much power, but in fact are chewing up more power than they think.
    300 charge cycles isn't really much, its less than a year if charged every day.
  • Anonymous
    well you have to realise that the windows is known for lying with the time it says it will take you have to realise that when you usually check how much battery life you have left you usually are one the desktop if it says you have 5hours left it means if you use it as much as it is veing ussed at that time and if you play a game for instance it could run out of juice in 1-4hours depending on the game
  • Micropat
    I have an ageing lappy (2 yrs +) and had the win 7 RC on it for a few months. There was no sharp drop in battery life in that time. Don't really need battery much anyway for a desktop replacement.