Preordering Reveals UK Pricing for PlayStation Vita

One of the more exciting things to come out of E3 so far is the PlayStation Vita, formerly known as NGP or PSP2. However, while Sony was more than happy to dish Japanese, U.S. and European pricing for the device, there was little said about UK prices. And, as we all know, UK prices are so often vastly different to the prices for the U.S. and Euro markets.

Well, here to shed some light on the matter are Game and, two stores that put the console up for preorder yesterday. Game is currently offering the PS Vita 3G for £279.99 while the WiFi-only version is £50 cheaper at £229.99. is selling both models for the same price as Game. For those wondering, U.S. pricing is set at $249 and $299 for the WiFi and 3G models, respectively. This directly converts to £152 and £182. Euro pricing is set at €249 and €299 as well, which converts to £222 and £267 according to today's rates.

Of course, neither site is listing the release date, with Game opting to leave it blank and listing it as ‘to be confirmed.’ Right now, the most we know is that it will hit before the year is out. Other than that, we’re kind of in the dark. Still, at least now you know how much you’ll need to save. You have roughly six months, God speed!