Sony Announces New, Higher Capacity PS3 Slims

If you find yourself constantly stuck for space on your PlayStation 3, Sony has got some good news for you. The company is reportedly phasing out the 250GB and 120GB models, replacing them with the newly announced 320GB and 160GB versions of the hugely popular console.

Sony's European CEO, Andrew House announced the new consoles yesterday at Gamescom 2010 in Germany. The 160GB PS3 will cost $299, while the 320GB model will be available as part of the PS3 Sports Champions Move bundle. The 160GB model is available and shipping now. As you can probably tell from the bundle it comes in, the 320GB system will launch in conjunction with PlayStation Move on September 19. The bundle includes one PlayStation Move motion controller, a PlayStation Eye camera, a copy of Sports Champions on Blu-ray, and bonus Blu-ray game demo disc. The total cost for this bundle is $400.

No word on when they'll be selling the 320GB system by itself, but we figure it's only a matter of time.

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  • ulysses35
    Hmm hardly a big leap forward - most people just replace their existing HDD's anyway. As soon as I got my slim to replace my 1st PS3 I swapped the HDD for a 500gb unit.
  • bv90andy
    I think it is easier to sell more of them if they make some special, limited edition cases than with bigger hdd. One can buy cheap new hdds but can't make cases.
  • tinnerdxp
    Still a nice touch though... just to keep the product up to date... Pitty we still need to wait for Move...