Dept. of Defense to Announce Cybersecurity Command

Earlier in the week, we published a report detailing a breach of Pentagon security that saw cyber-spies make off with terabytes of data from the Joint Strike Fighter program, the U.S. Department of Defense’s most expensive weapons program to date.

Many of you questioned how this could even happen and criticized the DoD’s attitude toward cyber threats. Reports today say the government is endeavoring to step up its game when it comes to protecting against online attacks and will soon appoint a specific command dedicated to overseeing cybersecurity. WSJ reports that Defense Secretary Robert Gates plans to announce the creation of a new military "cyber command" after the rollout of the White House review.

Citing National Security Agency Director and three-star army general Keith Alexander, the Journal says the NSA is calling for a "team" approach to cybersecurity that would see the NSA take care of protecting military and intelligence networks while the Department of Homeland Security protected government networks.

What do you guys think of this news? Yesterday nearly all of you agreed that the government needed to pick up the pace when it came to hacking and cyber threats. We look forward to a more structured team dedicated to keeping the our military and government data safe. Lets hope at least one member of this team will notice if terabytes of data start walking out the door. Leave your thoughts below!

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