Sega: Big Money in PC Gaming

Despite Sega's roots, the former console maker is currently defending PC gaming, claiming that there's big money to be made in that particular arena.

Although the physical retail sales of PC games continue to slide in 2010, Sega’s UK MD John Clark told MCVUK that those particular sales numbers aren't indicative of the actual PC gaming market. Indeed, the company is enjoying its fair share of revenue on the digital front.

"The PC market is third in terms of its year-on-year performance with a decline of 26 per cent, but this doesn’t really reflect the full picture," Clark said in an interview. "The PC digital download business is now a viable sector but somewhat invisible as it’s not yet covered by (UK's) Chart-Track. The PC market overall is actually performing much better than is currently reported, and remains a vital and strong sector to be involved in."

Surprisingly, Sega is becoming a dominant factor in the PC gaming market, taking its 12.8-percent share in corporate 2009 thanks to the three-pronged attack of Aliens vs. Predator, Napoleon: Total War, and the continued sales of Football Manager 2010. As Clark pointed out, all three games have different styles of gameplay yanked from three different genres: FPS, strategy, and sim.

"They can all drive a strong, community fan base with the ability to consistently deliver endless hours of gameplay," he said. "For 2009, Sega was ranked the second biggest PC publisher in the market. In 2010 year-to-date, we are once again ranked second. Long may it continue."

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  • Dandalf
    I like sega, these days they seem one of the only publishers left that don't want to kill good PC games by porting them to console, or filling their games with obtrusive DRM.

    Plus every time I start one of their games and see the logo I have to shout SAY-GAAA like in the old consoles amirite

    If they brought that noise back with sonic the hedgehog running back and forth to produce the logo I swear I'd buy every one of their games THRICE
  • princeofdreams
    Have to agree it is good to see a publisher fully behind the PC market, hopefully some other publishers will take note and reconsider their strategy towards PC games
  • afciscoguy
    Like all big entities, the UK and US gaming charts that drive what publishers will invest in the PC gaming industry have never tracked digital sales (IE Steam), and as such PC gaming is reflected in a negative light!!