PSP outsells all other consoles combined in Japan

Tokyo (Japan) - Last week was a blockbuster week for the PSP in Japan, as it sold more units than the Nintendo DS, Wii, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 combined.

During the week ending March 30, a total of 129,986 PSP units were sold, according to market researcher Media Create. That was a huge jump from the previous week, when PSP sales were just under 60,000 units.

The DS, which is usually the top seller, had unit sales of 58,916. The Wii hit 48,785 units, with the PS3 at 11,206. The Xbox 360, which has historically performed terribly in Japan, only had 1547 units sold.

Combined, the other current-gen consoles had total unit sales of 120,454, compared to the near 130,000 figure for the PSP.

In the handheld market, the PSP has been virtually unable to compete with Nintendo’s DS, which has more than 70% of a hold on the portable console market. It’s unclear what caused the PSP to skyrocket in Japan. Of the top 50 games sold only seven were PSP titles, and 23 were DS titles.

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  • Spirer
    Monster Hunter 2G came out on the 27th. I was there and it was insane, the game sold out very quickly in many big stores.

    Check PSP sales in 2 weeks time, it should be back to "normal"