PC Gaming News: Overlord II Screens, More

Godfather II Gets Don Control
Electronic Arts said that a new multiplayer mode for The Godfather II, called Don Control, will be available as a free downloadable patch on April 7, the same day that the game supposedly hits store shelves (April 10 in Europe). Don Control takes the “Think Like a Don” strategic gameplay into an online environment and allows players to build a family, command them in battle and view the action from a bird’s eye view above. "Players can now challenge one another in 16-player battles for their in-game currency from the single-player game. As a Don online, players can recruit others to join their family by giving them a cut of the profits. But if a player loses as Don, the in-game currency they wagered will be removed in their single-player campaign and their empire can come crumbling down."

Meridian4 Does Deer Drive and Euro Trucks
Publishing house Meridian4, known for titles such as Shadowgrounds and Bus Driver, has signed on to publish additional games developed by SCS Software. The first two game up to bat are Euro Truck Simulator (retail/online) and Deer Drive (online only), set for a release in the coming weeks. Deer Drive is an arcade-style deer hunting game that features three major trophy species, three "superbly" balanced weapons and more. As for Euro Truck simulator, gamers navigate their way "around a realistic depiction of Europe traveling along major trunk routes and visiting famous places based on real roads and cities. Experience the life of a long distance truck driver as you face the challenge of varying road and traffic conditions and meeting the demands of a heavy schedule." There's a playable Deer Drive demo right here (23 MB), and a Euro Truck simulator demo right here (116 MB).

Restaurant Empire 2 in April
Paradox Interactive said that the upcoming game Restaurant Empire 2 is scheduled to ship next month, offering "the most exciting business simulator to date. To give fans a sample, Paradox uploaded a tasty little video over on YouTube right here. And while gamers will be able to pick up a copy for $19.99 in retail shops next month, GamersGate has signed on to carry the digital version as well. Here's a bit more on what this sequel offers: For the first course, some competitive cooking is suggested with the chance to carve out your name amongst other legendary master-chefs. Sharpen those cooking skills and select the best recipe in your repertoire. Then, select the finest ingredients and step out and taste the exhilarating atmosphere of the cheering crowds as they look on. Enhance your chef's chance of winning by testing your own skills against a myriad of mini-games and challenges."

Silkroad Online Updated
Yesterday Joymax released the latest update for its MMORPG, Silkroad Online. Entitled Legend IV: Tomb of the Qin-Sji Emperor, the update includes a new Turkey Traditional Outfit item, a new high-level dungeon, high grade skills, and quest updates for the Qin-Shi Tomb and Roc Mountain. "We are dedicated to providing our audience with new and entertaining storylines, challenging quests, and epic battles in Silkroad Online,” said Jina Song, General Manager at Joymax. "We're really looking forward to hearing how audiences react to the Legend IV Update: Tomb of the Qin-Shi Emperor."

Overlord II Gameplay Video Now Live
Codemasters sent over a chunky email announcing that a new gameplay video is now up for your viewing pleasure over on the official Overlord II website. The clip introduces gamers to the new Overlord and his "powers of destruction and domination." Overlord II is slated to hit the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Games for Windows this summer. “Overlord II empowers players to enact their evil will in either a dominating or destructive way,” explains Lennart Sas, Creative Director, Triumph Studios. “Play as a ‘dominating’ Overlord and villages and people will fall under your command with rewards and benefits coming over time as you have them do your bidding. Follow a ‘destructive' route and you’ll become a demonic Lord of chaos, obliterating anything that stands in your way." Codemasters also sent along two new screens, located in the gallery to the left.

More will come as the day rolls on...

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