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Diablo III This Year?
There's a rumor going around that Blizzard might actually ship the upcoming action/RPG on December 24, 2009, just in time for Santa's "little helpers" to grab and stuff into that magic sack. In early 2008, Blizzard took the dramatic approach announcing the long-awaited PC game, revealing hints and tidbits on the main Blizzard website until the game reared its head at E3. According to the company, Diablo III has been in development since 2005, however eager fans may be able to get an early taste on September 11, 2009 when the company supposedly releases a multiplayer demo. If this weren't enough to tease fans, there's also a set of system requirements to make this rumor seem more like an intentional tease on behalf of Blizzard:

Operating System: Windows XP/ Vista
Processor: 1.4GHz or higher CPU.
RAM: 1Gb or more.
Video:  128Mb video card Dx9
Hard Drive Space: 4-8GB

Operating System: MacOS X 10.3 (Panther) or better.
Processor:1.6GHz or higher.
RAM: 1Gb or higher, DDR RAM recommended.
Video: 128mb ATI or NVIDIA video card
Hard Drive Space: 4-8 GB

The Godfather II Grabs the Gold
EA announced this morning that the upcoming game The Godfather II has gone gold and is expected to ship for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on April 7 in North America and April 10 in Europe. "As a Don in the Corleone family, The Godfather II lets the player carve out their own story of deception, betrayal, and conquest in a 1960's organized crime world. While at its heart The Godfather II is an action game, it allows players to go beyond street life to roll up their sleeves and get a feel for the challenges of running their own organized crime family. Players will have to invest in their family, manage their business, and even reach out to corrupt officials all of which is done through the revolutionary Don's View."

Stalin Vs. Martians in April
Now this sounds interesting: Mezmer Gamers said its upcoming real-time strategy Stalin vs. Martians will hit the PC this April. According to the company, the game takes a simple arcade-like approach to the genre, offering a game that's both "absolutely ridiculous and over-the-top." The player controls the Red Army as it defends Earth from the Martian Invasion of 1942, the highly classified military operation that even today remains a closely guarded state secret. Stalin himself conducts the mission briefings, and later even becomes a playable unit. There's a preview trailer here over on YouTube, and four screens to the left (click on image).

Hang tight... more to come...

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  • waxdart
    I wish you could list DRM used along with the spec of the game.