PC Gaming Roundup - January 30, 2009

A few tidbits released this morning include ARMA II info, new Catalyst drivers and a note about Unreal Tournament 3.

ARMA II Weekly Updates
505 Games said that ARMA II homepage updates will be coming on a weekly basis starting today. The updates will include "fresh" news regarding all six factions, weapons analysis, and details on weapons and aircraft. "Each time Intel is declassified it will be accompanied by a series of authentic visual references, in the form of screenshots and/or video footage," said the company. Check out the declassified info by heading here. ARMA II ships in Europe this year.

Kharkov: Disaster of the Donets Patched

Matrix Games released a new patch for Kharkov: Disaster on the Donets (sounds like messy Doughnuts heh), updating the retail version of the game to v1.1. Supposedly the update includes "nearly twenty" significant improvements to the game system. According to the company, it adds variant units with differences in strength and OOB to the Mystery Variant system and allows entirely new “what if” formations like the 3rd Guards Rifle Corps to be part of the scenario variants. Matrix also said that rules to refit a unit have changed, and restrictions on viewing enemy OB screens have been implemented as well.

Unreal Tournament 3 on Steam Update
Yesterday Valve announced that consumers who already purchased a physical, retail copy of Unreal Tournament 3 can register the game within Steam, free of charge. What anyone neglected to mention is that Steam will download a fresh new copy of Unreal Tournament 3 through the Steam client one consumers register the code, ignoring the game already installed outside the Steam client. So what about all those mods and maps already installed? We fired over an email with that very question... hopefully we'll get a response shortly.

New ATI v9.1 Catalyst Drivers
Version 9.1 Catalyst reference drivers for ATI chipsets are now available on the ATI Drivers&Software page. According to the release notes (PDF), these new drivers add full OpenGL 3.0 extension support under Linux and Windows, however the Linux version also includes support for MultiView, Hybrid CrossFireX, and Ubuntu 8.10 production.

More to come later on today, so keep checking back!

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