FIFA 10 PC Case Mod Merges Grilling, Gaming

At first the FIFA 10 PC case mod looked like an April Fool's joke, sporting what seemed to be a backyard BBQ grill somehow housing an Intel-based PC. But after close inspection of the images, this PC-in-a-grill seemed genuine on the surface, and apparently was featured at the German Case Modding Championship. Still, don't let this mod fool you: it doesn't really cook meat.

According to the German FIFA Online website, the PC aspect features an Asus Socket 775 motherboard, Intel's Core 2 Duo processor, 4GB of Corsair TwinX RAM, and AMD's ATI Radeon HD 4870. The PC also contains a possible 1TB HDD (the site said 1GB but that seemed too small), a DVD burner, and a wireless mouse and keyboard that's jazzed up to fit the overall FIFA 10 theme. Microsoft's new Windows 7 Home Edition rounds out this highly unusual package.

As for USB ports, HDMI, and the rig's power connection, the images didn't provide any real detail. But in appearance alone, the case mod lights up with red neon rods as if there's an actual flame within the cooker's "pit." The modders even threw on a few fake pieces of meat just to give it that extra, authentic backyard grill feeling. Hopefully they didn't incorporate any kind of burnt meat smell... that would just be maddening after a few hours.

If your PC looked like a BBQ grill, would you be more inclined to eat throughout the day?

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  • HansVonOhain
    Wow. O.O Some people are surely creative. So, can it cook the BBQ? hehe
  • polly the parrot
    If they had a Fermi SLI, then they could really cook the meat! Or at least heat it up.
  • lauxenburg
    Socket 775? Apparently EA didn't get the message about gee...some like 775 passed away and has been buried for almost a year! 4870 what happened to the almighty 5870?

    Can't ask for everything.