Origin PC's Eon Laptops Get Virtu MVP Mobile

Origin PC and LucidLogix jointly launched Virtu MVP Mobile GPU virtualization software on Friday, a new tool for squeezing out increased system performance, better responsiveness, tear-free gaming and reduced power utilization. The software is making its debut on Origin PC's EON line of gaming laptops at no extra charge.

"Virtu MVP Mobile gives our customers an even better competitive edge," said Kevin Wasielewski Origin PC CEO and co-founder. "Crisp graphics without tearing and rapid fire response are among the many exclusive benefits they can enjoy while gaming at home or on the road."

According to LucidLogix, Virtu MVP Mobile is GPU virtualization software that balances power consumption and system performance by dynamically assigning and rendering media tasks to the best available graphics resource, either the integrated or discrete GPU. This method improves in-game responsiveness, and power is minimized to provide a better overall gaming experience. Video playback is also improved.

"Virtu MVP has been growing in popularity for its ability to improve the overall gaming experience," said Offir Remez, President and co-founder of LucidLogix. "Launching Virtu MVP Mobile with the "Rolls-Royce" of laptops delivered by ORIGIN PC signifies the quality and benefit of GPU virtualization and our commitment to PC and Mobile gaming enthusiasts around the globe."

Other key features of the software include Virtual Vsync which keeps frame rates high and improves responsiveness for smooth, tear-free game play without the 60 FPS cap. There's also HyperFormance which boosts responsiveness and visual quality even further by increasing frame rates higher than the original maximum GPU performance -- up to 30-percent in many cases.

Origin PC and LucidLogix are currently demoing the software at PAX Prime this week from August 31 – September 1. Origin PC customers can select the software now when configuring a new EON laptop. LucidLogix's previous solution, Virtu MVP, is available on a large number of products offered by ASRock, Asus, Gigabyte, ECS, MSI, BioStar, Intel and EVGA.

Origin PC explains how the software works on Eon laptops here.

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  • crapfacednoob
    "Rolls-Royce" of laptops ? Really? Its more like a 10 ton sedan with light armor plating and a mounted Gatling gun. Cool but useless when it comes down to it.
  • marcolorenzo
    by the way, i know the Virtu MVP Mobile Edition is debutting with the latest Origin PCs but they have other software as well which i can't seem to find a way to purchase...
  • marcolorenzo
    This is the first i've heard of LucidLogix, is it possible to get their software without having an Origin PC? I have a Clevo machine with a 6990m and after checking their website, it seems that it should be supported but they don't say how to purchase it...