Pure Luxury – Origen AE’s HTPC with a 12.1“ Touch Screen

OrigenAE S21T HTPC

If a company wants its PC enclosures to stand out, it has to offer something extraordinary nowadays. In this respect, Origen AE has done an excellent job with their HTPC S21T. Not only does this HTPC case stand out among the bland mass of enclosures, it also shows commitment to values beyond design, such as quality and feature set. The materials are first rate as well, as the entire case consists of aluminium – brushed aluminium, of course. On its front, the oversized desktop case features a 12.1” touch screen that slides forward at the press of a button. The operating system can be controlled using either the mouse or the touch screen. Although a stylus is included for the touch screen, using your finger works just as well. The overall feeling of luxury even extends to the accessories, as the S21T is very well equipped.

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The only drawback - luxury has its price. In this case, you’ll need to have €1000 at the ready to be able to call this unusual enclosure your own. The design of the S21T made us wonder – why do you need a small touch screen when you have a large monitor anyway? After all, a case made of such refined materials should not be hidden away in a server rack. There is one scenario where the touch screen will be appreciated, though, namely when the case is used as a HTPC in the living room. When used as a streaming server or NAS-device, having an input option directly on the device is a great help.

OrigenAE S21T HTPC

The size of the S21T puts it in the neighbourhood of a high-end stereo amplifier, which is a stark contrast to some of the slim-line HTPCs available in the market. It stands a full 22.4 cm high and measures 43.5 cm across – easily enough space to accommodate even a fully loaded system.

The key facts at a glance:

  • Classy and unusual design
  • Integrated 12.1“ touch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels
  • Special remote control for Windows XP/Vista Media Centre Edition (MCE)
  • Dedicated remote control for the touch screen
  • Space for up to 10 hard drives inside
  • Screen slides down smoothly at the push of a button
  • Made entirely of brushed aluminium
  • Price: €1000