Pure Luxury – Origen AE’s HTPC with a 12.1“ Touch Screen


OrigenAE S21T HTPC

Origen AE’s S21T case won us over completely. It offers superior build quality, a good implementation, and a variety of accessories. Only the price is a bit hard to swallow at first. Our guess is that the integrated 12.1” screen makes up a large portion of the price tag. It is also responsible for the large size of the case, which offers more space than most HTPCs. Without the power supply, the S21T weighs 9.8 kg. In our opinion, offering 10 expansion bays for hard drives is overdoing things a bit, though. Equipped with that many drives, the system would be anything but quiet.

Inserting DVDs is a little difficult, as the TFT screen has to be slid down first in order to reach the drive. For those that keep most of their multimedia files stored on one of the internal hard drives, this is not an issue.

The two remote controls that ship with the case make working with a Media Centre PC much easier. If the S21T’s integrated IR sensor doesn’t have a direct line-of-sight to the user on the sofa, you can always use the wired remote also included with the case as a backup solution.

At first glance, €1000 seems like a lot of money. However, considering the build quality and the feature set (touch screen TFT, accessories), we find that the S21T offers very decent value for your money.

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  • martinsykes
    Hmmm, there are several HTPC cases that 'support' (a subjective word)1080 HD, but using a cloned output from a high-end GC to simultaneously drive both a large Plasma/CRT/LCD TV and a 7/12 inch display seems to run into problems when the small LCD uses a VGA rather than a DVI connector due to the missing HDCP handshake on one output. I have just ordered a Blue-ray drive and HD Fury2 emulator and would be interested to know if anyone out there has successfully achieved a seemless cloned output, i.e, without resorting to manual scaling adjustments or a partial scrolling display (Origen S21T). I would appreciate your advice/comments as I am looking to purchase a new HTPC case within the next 2 weeks.
  • jalyst
    Silverstone CW02 is a far better mix of features/quality/price IMO
    I don't get these massive LCD touch-screens.
    I can use my mimo monitor, handheld, Dinovo Edge, & URC.