Pure Luxury – Origen AE’s HTPC with a 12.1“ Touch Screen

A Tour of the Case - Inside

OrigenAE S21T HTPCOrigenAE S21T HTPC

  1. PSU
  2. Motherboard
  3. Optical drive (1 x 5,25”)
  4. Hard Drives (10 x 3,5”)

OrigenAE S21T HTPCOrigenAE S21T HTPC

The motor that slides the TFT up and down sits under the 5.25" expansion slot for the optical drive. A Molex connector supplies it with power. An extension cable ships with the case.

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  • martinsykes
    Hmmm, there are several HTPC cases that 'support' (a subjective word)1080 HD, but using a cloned output from a high-end GC to simultaneously drive both a large Plasma/CRT/LCD TV and a 7/12 inch display seems to run into problems when the small LCD uses a VGA rather than a DVI connector due to the missing HDCP handshake on one output. I have just ordered a Blue-ray drive and HD Fury2 emulator and would be interested to know if anyone out there has successfully achieved a seemless cloned output, i.e, without resorting to manual scaling adjustments or a partial scrolling display (Origen S21T). I would appreciate your advice/comments as I am looking to purchase a new HTPC case within the next 2 weeks.
  • jalyst
    Silverstone CW02 is a far better mix of features/quality/price IMO
    I don't get these massive LCD touch-screens.
    I can use my mimo monitor, handheld, Dinovo Edge, & URC.