Orico Releases HDD Enclosures That Hold Up to 10 HDDs

A Chinese company, Orico, has released three hard drive enclosures that can hold a number of hard drives, ranging from five to ten. The first, the 1088USJ3, holds up to ten 3.5" hard drives, the 8988USJ3 holds eight drives, and the 5988SUSJ3 can hold up to five hard drives.

All the units are powered by standard ATX power supplies, and they are built using matte black SECC steel enclosures.

The drives all have a SATA3 interface for 6 Gb/s of bandwidth, and all the units feature USB 3.0 connectivity except the 5988SUSJ3, which has USB 3.0 connectivity and eSATA connectivity. Sadly, the units do not have any form of RAID support, so each hard drive will be accessible as a single device. How many partitions the user creates on each drive can result in an insane number of accessible volumes through a single USB 3.0 connection.

The units will cost 1399¥ ($227), 1999¥ ($325), and 2399¥ ($390) for the 5988SUSJ3, 8988USJ3, and 1088USJ3, respectively, with no word on availability just yet.

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