OCZ Sporting USB 3.0 External SSD at CES

Various reports indicate that OCZ plans to showcase a line of external SSDs during CES 2010 that will utilize the new USB 3.0 technology. This means that the SSDs--despite their external properties--could reach up to 4.8 Gb/s, although they're more likely to remain at 1.6 Gb/s in most situations. So far there isn't anything concrete in regards to hardware specs that we can chew on.

Currently the company is only providing conceptual art and will provide prototypes for the show. If the renders stay true to the product's design, the SSDs will provide a microUSB connector and feature eight memory modules. PC Perspective actually stumbled across the new SSD on OCZ's forum: the company is looking for input on the perfect name for the SSDs.

This new, unnamed line of SSDs follows the company's recent expansion of the 3.5-inch Colossus series. OCZ also recently announced drives based on controllers manufactured by startup company SandForce; these will support up to 260 Mb/s sequential read and write speeds.

Expect more information to appear in the following weeks. Then again, OCZ may wait until a day or so before the CES event to offer anything official. CES will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada during January 7-10, 2010. Until then, we'll be chomping at the bit for this tasty external solution.

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