Nvidia Boss Shows Off Tegra-powered Tablet

On Monday, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang raised a few eyebrows with comments about Apple having the best technology. Actually 'a few' is an understatement. Huang raised so many eyebrows that barely anyone had time to bat an eyelid over the mystery device the CEO was flaunting in Dubai this week.

Engadget cites word from Nvidia in saying that it's a Tegra prototype from an ODM called ICD that's being "actively" shopped to carriers around the world.

While no official specs are available right now, there are rumors aplenty -- such as it running Windows CE with a resistive touchscreen, and claims that Android and capacitive upgrades are in the cards, as well as multiple screen sizes and a T-Mobile launch in March 2010.

How much would you pay for a device like this? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • bustapr
    That pose in the photo makes me want to go there and punch him in the face!!!:P
  • LePhuronn
    ^ "Yeah, so Fermi's late and we faked it. GOTTA PROBLEM, BIATCH?"

    Regarding the tablet, make it capacitive, multi-touch and running Windows 7 and I'll be all over it.
  • LumberWagon
    Is he on an invisible cross?