Nvidia Pulls Linux, BSD, Solaris Drivers Due to Bug

DVH reports that Nvidia has removed additional drivers related to an overheat bug that plagued the GeForce 196.75 WHQL drivers last week. The new quarantined drivers are for Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris, however this time the problem affects two sets rather than just one.

According to the site, users with 195.36.03 and 195.36.08 *nix drivers installed on their system should downgrade to driver versions 190.53 or 195.30 public beta. As of Friday, Nvidia was still looking into the overheating issue, however the only resolution the company could provide was to downgrade the drivers.

"We want to make sure anybody who has not downloaded the driver does not do so from any other sites who still have the driver up, and for those that have downloaded it, we want to make sure they roll back to the previous driver located here," Nvidia's Bryan Del Rizzo said in a statement.

Obviously Nvidia users can't roll back drivers if older ones were previously uninstalled. Head here to download archived and beta drivers stored on Nvidia's website.

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